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Oh my God, I am falling love with your beautifully creature. But is he/she my true love? Or how can I get an enlightening way to find my half of heart? Do not worry my friend, as a muslim, Allah gives us the gold key.

First of all I would like to give some of point of view about love. Love likely the sea. Sometimes can be calm down, but suddenly it can be horrify. It is depend on your capability for seeing the meaning of the love itself.

Today, our teenagers are being desired by love. So they like to find a girlfriend or boyfriend for applying their feeling. As young boy, no love without girlfriend. They have to find the true love with in. but in my point my view, you do not have to. Our Islamic Teaching taught us to find our half of heart with prayer. It is called Istikharah.

Istikharah is the one way for seeing your shine path. You can present your desire to Allah, and absolutely Allah love to give you the perfect path that have you chosen.

Men or women, male or female, all of things in the world has been written. So you have to believe in. the destiny has been carved therefore no one do not have fortune. Love because of Allah is the best way for understanding the meaning of Love itself.

But, as a human being, it is quite difficult to realize that without be boy or be girlfriend, you have capable of be in love. It is caused by globalization era. The media showing up the material concept of relationship. For example, I saw one of drama serial on SCTV it's called Kepompong. In the drama even the parent taught their child be in love and it's so fun for. I am so confused for that shown. Imagine, our teenager can be following such thing. Everyday you will see the free style of love. Kissing, touching, having sex and all of things will be 'normal thing'. The modern parent may be say to their child: "Ok my son, you have right time for being in love, so let seeing the women or men who is the best on you."

So as the candidate of be parent, let prepare yourself. Become the Islamic Teaching being the perfect way to determine your future. Back to the Religious concept definitely bring us along the darkness to lightness. With Istikharah you will be find your true love. With tawakkal to Allah, you will be find he or she. I do believe in, don't you?

For the small discussion, let discussing about several things. There are what is love?, where do you can find love, in what way?, what do you think about the advertisement style nowadays, is it dangerous for our teenager? And what would like to do for preventing our teenager from such thing as globalization era? Please, have a nice discuss. May Allah bless us.

Written by : ippank afiat (afiatO3@gmail.com)

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